Disclaimer This thread does not in anyway encourage promiscuity nor does it propergate indecency but rather it underscores some real facts for young ladies to be aware and more mindful of what’s ahead.

So a very close friend of mine I happen to know very well married as a virgin, this was about 11 years ago. After about a year of blissful marriage, her marriage turned hell in the ensuing years that followed, she never opened up to me until last week when she did; she is blessed with kids, but her husband has been giving her hell in the marriage, abuses her, both physically, mentally and emotionally, carries various young girls and flaunts them to her face. She is about calling it quite. This is a girl I know very well as we grew up together, and I can vouch for her on many fronts, one thing I know about her is how genuine, cool headed and humble she is, she’s someone meek at heart, I am sure she wouldn’t create problems for her husband in a home, she was just unfortunate falling into the wrong hands

I also happen to come from a large family with 5 sisters (all married), from all my sisters, the one with the best marriage is the one that lived more of a party life style in school, attended many parties etc, and the one with the worse marriage was the one that married a virgin (actually, she has the kind of personality I wouldn’t be surprised might cause problem for her , her husband and husband relatives, as she could be selfish).

My point is, for the Ladies, being chaste and maintaining high morals is something any parent will be proud about and will long for their child to uphold; but do not see that as all you need to portray yourself as suitable enough “wife material”. Marriage is something very dynamic and complex, it entails a lot, and has to do with both you working on various facets of your life (of which sexuality is just one) as well as being able to choose an appropriate partner for yourself.

Do not see being a Virgin as the price you have to uphold for your husband, as it doesn’t in anyway guarantee a good or perfect marriage (far from it), it is rather more dependent or perhaps a fine and infallible blend of various facets of your life viz a viz personality, charisma, behaviour, sensibility etc. as well as your keen sagaciousness in choosing an appropriate partner who is sensible and will be very well compatible with you..

Just a food for thought sageful minds can ruminate and mull over!!

Thank you very much for your time.

Yours truly



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