Rivers State also known simply as Rivers, is a state in the Niger Delta region of southern Nigeria. Formed in 1967, when it split from the former Eastern Region, Rivers State borders Imo, Abia and States to the north, Akwa Ibom State to the east, and Bayelsa and Delta states to the west. The state capital, Port Harcourt, is a metropolis that is considered the commercial center of the Nigerian oil industry.

With a population of 5,198,716 as of the 2006 census, Rivers State is the 6th most populous state in the country. Rivers State is a diverse state that is home to many minority ethnic groups, including the Ogoni, Ikwerre, Ijaw, and Okrika peoples. The state is particularly noted for its linguistic diversity, with 28 indigenous languages being said to be spoken in Rivers State. The 26th largest state by area, Rivers States’s geography is dominated by the numerous rivers that flow through it, including the Bonny River.

The economy of Rivers State is dominated by the state’s booming petroleum industry. Though the rise of the oil industry has led to increased revenue for the state government, mismanagement and corruption have prevented the state from meaningfully tackling rampant poverty. During the 2010s, Rivers State saw a rise in the number of cult killings committed within the state. In 2019, Governor Ezenwo Nyesom Wike controversially declared Rivers State to be a Christian state.

Since the creation of the state, some remarkable places have been made a sightseeing place for people to visit.


Bonny Island is situated at the southern edge of Rivers State in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria. It is near Port Harcourt. Ferries are the main form of transport to and from the island. The local language spoken on Bonny Island is Ibani. Many natives also speak the Igbo language.

Located at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean on the Bight of Bonny, the island of Bonny serves as the seat of a traditional state known as the Kingdom of Bonny.

Bonny was founded by a priest king known as Ndoli. He (as well as his successors Opuamakuba and Alagbariye) were the leaders of the founding group of Bonny Island. The virgin lands and territories of the island kingdom were settled about or before 1400AD. Asimini, the fourth king (but the first one to be crowned), founded a dynasty that went on to provide most of the kingdom’s monarchs.

It is believed today that the founders of the island kingdom were originally from within the Isedani lineage of Kolokuma in the Ebeni-toru region (in the present day Kolokuma/Opokuma Local Government Area of Bayelsa State). They were led to the new site by four direct descendants of Ebeni. These were Ndoli, Opuamakuba, Alagbariye and Asimini. Upon their arrival in Bonny, the four ruled the new settlement that they established there in turn. From these leaders and the entire founding generation of the kingdom evolved the lineage/ward/house system of governance that the kingdom is currently organized into.


Port Harcourt Zoo (also known as PH Zoo) is a state owned zoological park in Port Harcourt city of Rivers State in Nigeria. The zoo was established in 1974 by military governor Alfred Diete-Spiff and was officially opened to the public on 1 October 1975.

Located within Trans Amadi, in Obio-Akpor, Rivers State, Port Harcourt Zoo has been ranked among the major tourist attractions in the city and is considered one of Nigeria’s leading conservation centres. The Port Harcourt International Airport is approximately 14 miles (22.5 km) northwest of the park.

By 18 June 2012, the Rivers State government had announced plans to introduce new animals to the zoo and completely revamp its state to match global standards.

 The zoo is home to numerous exceptional creature species, for example, lions, cobra, monkeys, chimpanzees, turtles, crocodiles, ostriches, jackasses, gazelles, peacocks and numerous winged animal species. The ends of the week are the time when the zoo is most disparaged, and all things considered.

On Sunday visits you get the chance to witness the nourishing of the creatures, particularly the Lions. There is in no way like viewing the once great lions in a bolstering furor. Inside the zoo, you will discover the historical center where two vast lions and lioness were preserved. These two animals were executed by electric shock when they assaulted and ate the zoo specialist who came to encourage them and neglected to bolt the pen. An unequivocal must see on your rundown.


The historical center is in the secretariat complex of Rivers State Government. The gallery contains antiques identified with different ethnic gatherings indigenous to the state including covers, earthenware and cutting. It is one of the best historical place in this city. Tourist come here from all over the world with their family members and friends.

The Museum of African History and Culture and Zoo is located in Rumuosi in Obio-Akpor council area on the outskirt of Port Harcourt, near the University of Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

 The museum contains artifacts related to various ethnic groups indigenous to the state including masks, pottery and carving.

A thing of historical significance and cultural tradition is an attraction for every tourist. The National Museum Rivers State is full of such valuable objects. In addition to that, it offers plenty of exciting opportunities for tourists. It has an astounding grassy plant that covers the museum from the entrance to welcome tourists. It is covered with beautiful trees, and awesome sitting arrangements will surely make your day at this outstanding site.


The Port Harcourt Tourist Beach is a white sand urban beach in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria, created in 1988. It is located along Kolabi Creek, east of the Old Township district, and about 146 miles from Kribi in Cameroon.

The beach is designed to cater for the recreational needs of everyone especially young people. It is visited by both tourists and residents, and it is one of the most popular beaches in Port Harcourt.

The port Harcourt tourist beach is one place to visit whenever you are visiting port Harcourt city. Just like any other beach in Lekki, you can play in the cool water, listen to the local sounds of highlife and modern music from any of the bush bars on the beach.

Local delicacies of palm wine, assorted spicy meats and local dishes are some of the treats to expect at this sandy beach. Some of the fun things to do in this Port Harcourt beach are playing volleyball, beach football, taking boat rides, horseback riding, watch boat races or just diving into the cool waters.

The serenity of this clean sandy beach makes it the perfect place to sit and watch the sun set for the day.


The King Jaja of Opobo Memorial is a bronze monument in memory of King Jaja of Opobo, erected by public subscription in 1903.[1] It was listed as being of special architectural, historical or cultural significance by the National Commission for Museums and Monuments on 14 August 1959.

It is located within the Opobo town centre and bears an inscription in the English language, which reads:

A king in title and indeed.
Always just and ever generous.
Respected and revered in life.
Lamented and mourned by all when dead.

The statue stands on a grey granite plinth, surrounded by cast iron railings. The grass around is close-growing with neatly-cut edges, giving the dignified appearance of a public park.


port Harcourt pleasure park is a public recreation park in Niger-Delta’s oil rich garden city of Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria. It is strategically located along the major Aba Road, and flanked between the Army Barracks (a.k.a. Bori Camp) and Air Force base junction, on an expansive open land with 24-7-365 internal security.

The park is serving as both a tourist destination and a revenue generator for the state, operated by an international staff of Julius Berger Nigeria Plc. The park boasts a wide range of facilities for all ages including a 5-star Cinema and an International restaurant launched to complement the facilities at the park. With an excellent cleanliness record of all amenities maintained, the Park’s natural and peaceful environment will give you the much fun, excitement and relaxation you desire.

The Park is strategically located along the major Aba Road and flanked between the Army Barracks (Bori Camp) and Air Force base junction on an expansive open land with 24-7-365 internal security.

Julius Berger of Nigeria was awarded the contract to construct the park and started work in May 2016. The whole project was completed within 12 months of the commencement date.

On Friday, 26 May 2017, the Government of Rivers State commissioned and opened the Port Harcourt Pleasure Park for public use in a grand ceremony that attracted thousands of Riverian from all walks of life. Former governor, Peter Odili inaugurated the project, which was initiated, designed and constructed by the Nyesom Wike administration.

The one-year Park project was completed in May 2017 by the Nyesom Wike led Rivers State Government as part of projects to mark the 50 years of the creation of the state as well as keeping to his promise to the people to develop tourism and ensure it becomes a world centre of attraction.

After two years of its operation, precisely on 1 May 2019, the management of Julius Berger Nigeria Plc decided to take over complete operation of the Park by manning it with competent local and international staff tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that the park meets up with the original mission of serving as both a tourist destination and a revenue generator for the state.

The Governor of Rivers State Barrister Ezenwo Nyesom Wike who had earlier announced that a modern Cinema would be constructed to complement the facilities at the park, kept to his promise as he unveiled the newly constructed Pleasure Park 5-star Cinema on 11 September 2019 as part of celebrations to mark his 100-days in office. This Cinema known as Kada Cinemas is run by Kada Cinemas group.

In November 2019, the Park was nominated from top 10 to top 5 in the annual Nigeria Tourism Awards in two separate categories namely:


The park boasts a wide range of facilities including an extensive children’s playground, a miniature soccer field, 5 person paddle boats, each designed for drivers and 3 passengers and water steps.

Port Harcourt Pleasure Park – A cart tour
Port Harcourt Pleasure Park – A cart tour
The golf course consists of a series of holes characterized by their short length.

The park is also filled with various exercise machines ranging from simple walkers and massage machines to elliptical trainers. There is a parking lot, a jogging track, restaurants and a climbing tower. The list of current facilities are:

5-star Movie Cinema (two viewing halls totaling 230 seating capacity and 1-VIP lounge with 23-seater VIP viewing hall)
2 Restaurants (Lebanese/Italian),Climbing Tower, Pedal Boats, Mini Golf Course, Playgrounds, Fitness Equipment,5-D Cinema,9-D Cinema,PS4 Games, Water Steps, Jogging Circuit, Mini Soccer Field, Gyroscope, Bull Rodeo, Carousel, Paint Ball, Shooting range, Table Tennis, Bouncy Castle, King of Castle, Trampoline, Kids Boat ride, T rain ride, Cart ride (Family off-road trip), Oculus game, Virtual Reality games, Virtual Reality Fitness room.


Isaac Boro Park is a public park and outdoor recreation area located along the Old GRA neighborhood of Rivers State capital, Port Harcourt.[1] The park is named after Isaac Boro, who was one of the pioneers of minority rights activism in Nigeria. The geographical coordinates of the park are: 4°47’16″N (4.787960), 7°0’19″E (7.005517).

Situated just opposite the Mile One Flyover, Isaac Boro Park is home to baseball and softball in Port Harcourt. On numerous occasions between 2006 and 2013, the park hosted the annual international trade fair and continues to serve as venue for memorable events such as the Armed Forces Remembrance Day, the Workers’ Day and the National Youth Service send-off parade ceremonies.

Isaac Boro Park is bounded to the south by Bauchi Street, north by Ogbodo Street and Blue Street, west by Ikwerre Road and to the east by Ohia Street.

The Isaac Boro Park is an open wonderful park which is committed to the evergreen memory of a Niger Delta saint and military symbol Maj. Isaac Jasper Adaka Boro. Likewise, the outside park is a vast garden with loads of garden seats and overhangs of trees to supplant the furiousness of the sun with thoughtfulness. For the sustaining of the eyes, the wonderful figures of military men and their devices of fighting discharge fulfilment. At Isaac Boro Park, peace and peacefulness have chosen to rein incomparable for whatever length of time that the park exists; and in quietness, their matchless quality is experienced.

Additionally, Isaac Boro park gives a decent road to visitors to take in perspectives and snapshots of the urban inhabitants approaching their standard business while the luxuriate in the sweet serenity the park renders. This is on the grounds that the visitor shelter is referred to in the core of Rivers state capital-Port Harcourt. It is dry from December to March, however from April to September, it downpours.

Considering going to Isaac Boro Park, here are some useful things to bring with you:

1. Mats for picnic.

2. A camera.

3. A companion or gathering of companions nothing beats a gathering background.

4. In case you’re going alone, you require a good book.


Located in Finima in Bonny Island, long stretches of beaches bid you welcome during Christmas and Easter festive periods and anytime within the year. There is also the Finima Nature Pond developed by Nigeria NNG so as to preserve the mangrove swamp and natural wildlife in the area. Anyone can visit the park or the beaches for fun and excitement purposes, and several other people even hold social events and engagements on the long, stretching beaches of Finima.

Meanwhile, Bonny Island at the southern edge of the state is home to various oil companies including Royal Dutch Shell, Mobil, Chevron, Agip, and Elf among others – with Finima beaches mostly used by the oil companies’ staffs and the local people.The Finima beach is one of the many beautiful seashores spread across Bonny Island and the most visited by tourists and fun-seeking visitors. The beach is usually crowded on sunny days and festive periods. From the 26th to the 31st December of every year, thousands of people visit the Finima beaches for carnivals.

The park was established in recognition of the importance of the flora and fauna, the sacrifices of Bonny people, and their aspiration and commitment to keeping a permanent record of their natural heritage and culture. It is also part of NLNG’s contribution to the national and global conservation objective, in line with Rio Agenda 21, Ramsar convention and convention on Biological Diversity.


Finima Nature Park measure approximately 1000 hectares, is for conservation, recreation, and research on the fanua, flora and cultural heritage of Bonny Kingdom. At present, the nature reserve is managed by an NGO, the Nigeria Conservation Foundation (NCF). However, in the future, it will be managed by a Board of Trustees drawn from the host community, thereby encouraging community buy-in and sustainability of the initiative.

The reserve area covers the rain forest and mangrove swamps, as well as an ecologically important area of sandy soil with fresh water ponds and tall timber between the swamps and the beach. This diversity is a good representation of the Niger Delta ecology, which affords a unique opportunity for research and educational activities. Already, the reserve is home to some wildlife species of high conservation value, a variety of mammals, bird species and reptiles, such as the Mona monkeys, crocodiles, snakes and alligators.

In addition, Finima Nature Park is home to a number of species classified by International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) such as the African Grey Parrot-Psittacus erithacus. A number of studies including ornithological surveys are also regularly carried out at the park.


Located in Andoni LGA of Rivers State, Ikuru Atlantic beach is said to be the longest white Sand beach in Nigeria. Locked on the Atlantic seaboard of the Gulf of Guinea, the ikuru Atlantic beach also know as Andoni beach is a perfect destination in river state for adventure lovers and fun seekers. The beach is an ideal place for boating, Jet skiing, Windsurfing, Snorkeling and other water body activities.

Ikuru Atlantic Beach is an ideal getaway destination for couples, families, and friends to spend quality time together on the beach and enjoy beautiful views of the Atlantic Ocean. If your lucky enough you may be surprised to see the rare Elephants found only in Ikuru Town forest reserve. This beautiful beach is just an hour drive from Port Harcourt. It covers the longest shoreline in West Africa , adorned with pristine white sand, very clean with lovely views of the Atlantic you can’t get anywhere else in Nigeria.

The most interesting part of the Tourist Centre is the Ikuru beach carnival which holds every January 4th.


RutaLand Family Park is an environmentally Friendly Amusement Park, designed specifically for family entertainment, recreation, and fitness, creating an environment for everyone to unwind after a stressful day or week.

Rutaland boast of a fully equipped facilities which includes Wellness center, Water Park, Rides, Bush Bar, Restaurant, Games and Arcade for Children, Teenagers and Adults.

Rutaland Family Park is an amusement park passionately created and developed to provide recreation, leisure, entertainment, Edutainment, Health fitness services and fun for all ages.

The park also offers other services such as Reception, Conferences, Birthday and Party packages, Excursion, Tourism, Swim training, kids karate classes, Boxing classes etc. It is Located at Igwuruta along Eneka Road beside Sobaz filling station.


Located on Bonny street, the Port Harcourt cultural center is completely devoted to showing the rich diversity of the Port Harcourt people and their culture.

Various exhibits to be found at the Center include local artifacts from as far back as before the founding of the city of Port Harcourt, African figurines and pottery, as well as a theater where cultural dances and plays are regularly held.

Different displays to be found at the Center incorporate neighborhood relics from as far back as before the establishing of the city of Rivers, African puppets and ceramics, and additionally a theater where social moves and plays are routinely held. Trinkets of nearby curios can likewise be effectively bought here.


One of the greatest open markets in Nigeria, shopping in mile one is a major piece of the Port Harcourt encounter. Situated in the Diobu region of Port Harcourt City, there are no settled costs here.

Costs can go as low as your wheeling and dealing aptitudes and as high as you’re willing to pay. Reasonable cautioning however all that you buy is at your own particular hazard admonition ruler. It is one of the best place in this city for shopping lovers. Tourists come here from all over the world with their family members and friends. You can come here and experience this place.


Bole(pronounced as ‘boh-leh’) is roasted plantain eaten with red palm-oil sauce and is incomplete without fish.

Bole king is a restuarant where their major dish is bole. Bole is usually barbecued and sold in the open alongside yams, sweet potatoes, ugba leaves(oil-bean seed), uziza leaves [(piper clusii).

It is situated along the road and this makes it accessible. There’s a large space behind, just in case you’re already thinking about where to park your car. It had the kitchen and dining section well managed in the same place and can take in an estimated number of 14 persons. 

Bole king gives you a native/local/African vibe from the chairs that can sit at least two persons comfortably to the tables, the salt and pepper shakers to the palm-wine gourds and cups(yes! they serve palm wine oh!!!), including the apron of the attendants(made from African prints) and hand-fans made from raffia.



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