Nasarawa is a state in north central geopolitical zone in Nigeria. Its capital is Lafia. Nasarawa was created on 1st October 1996 by the Abacha government from the today neighboring Plateau State.

Nasarawa State is bounded in the north by Kaduna State, in the west by the Federal Capital Territory, in the south by Kogi and Benue States and in the east by Taraba and Plateau States.

A network of roads exist within the state, linking all rural areas and major towns. The Nigerian Railway Corporation (NRC) operates train services from Kuru, Gombe and Maiduguri.

Nasarawa State has agriculture as the mainstay of its economy with the production of varieties of cash crops throughout the year. It also contains various minerals such as salt, barite, and bauxite, which are mostly mined by artisanal miners.

Below are some of the top places of interest in the state;


Farin Ruwa falls was discovered in 1950 by colonial masters. It is notable as a top tourist destination ideal for picnics and bird watching.

Not many falls in Africa drop more than the popular Victoria falls, and one of the few that does is the glorious Farin Ruwa falls which is a popular site for picnics and bird watching.

Farin ruwa meaning “white waters” in Hausa language is located at the boundary of Bokkos LGA in Plateau State and Wamba LGA of Nassarawa State of Nigeria.

The Waterfall is about 120 kilometres away from Lafia, the capital city of Nasarawa State and about 160 kilometres from Abuja. Farin Ruwa is one of the most visited waterfall in Nigeria and a beauty to behold.

It is the perfect getaway for family trips, picnics and meditation.


Hidden between the beautiful mountains and Vegetation nests in Karu are the four karu waterfalls. Located along Abuja Keffi Road in New Karu, Nasarawa State.

The Karu waterfall is an awesome outdoor spot for nature lovers and ideal hiking destination and picnic spot.


Eggon hills range over 30m. They are famous for many things; one of which is adventure. The rocks shaped like kopjes and inselbergs have long attracted strangers. Early Europeans settled at the peak of these hills.

They constructed houses beside the slow flowing streams and unique rock formation. The caves were formidable natural bunkers for the native people in times of war. Eggon hills’ is an ideal place for mountaineering, wildlife.

Eggon Hills range over 30m and they are famous for adventure. The rocks which shaped like kopjes and inselbergs have long attracted visitors ever since the colonial rule.

Europeans settled at the peak of these hills and constructed houses beside the slow flowing streams and unique rock formation.


Maloney hill is one of the most prominent hills in Nasarawa state, located in keffi, just behind the palace of Emir of Keffi. Maloney Hill, which is covered by rubbles of houses built during colonial era is about 300 metres above see level and serves as a hiking destination as well as camping.


Peperuwa lake is a natural lake located at the North West of Assaikio town which is about 50km from Lafia, the Lake surface is estimated at over 7km length and 3.8km wide.

The Peperuwa Lake is home to a lot of geese, hippopotamus, fishes, and duck among other sea creatures. This is a lovely lake that offers guests a nice time to have fun and explore the wonder that the environment holds.

There is no threat to safety here, this is a relatively safe location. Guests are advised not to be too close to the hippopotamus though. The best time to visit Peperuwa lake is during the weekends when there a lot of people to take part in games.

You can visit there to relax, indulge and take the time off work because of the rich resources and sightseeing activities which the lake offers to the eyes.


Keana Salt Village is located in Keana, it is 67 km away from Lafia. The Keana salt mining industry dates back to the 12th century when the salt discovery attracted human settlement in the area.

A visit to the site shows that the industry is made of huts with large pots and ridges laid out for mining of salt. Each of these huts belongs to an individual whose acquisition or ownership is by heritage.

You are going to see a lot of large ridges and pots that have been kept for salt mining that dates back to the 12th century.

The village can be visited at anytime as the villagers are very welcoming. You will be amazed at the type of local tools that are used for the salt mining here.


Doma dam is situated 6 km from Doma town, the Headquarters of Doma LGA. It is about 20 km away from Lafia. Doma dam is man-made dam for agricultural irrigation.

The Dam is structured into 3 arms with each arm measuring over 2 km length and about 3 km wide. Doma dam will be a suitable site for picnicking, boating, swimming, etc.

This region has just two seasons which is the dry and rainy season.The rainy season comes from the month of May till early August while the dry season comes from the month of October till April.

Usually, between the month of December and February Harmattan come along and it’s usually very cold especially at night so it’s advisable to go with warm clothings.


Ara Rock is a rock found in Ara Town in Nasarawa Local Government Area of Nasarawa State in central Nigeria. It achieves a remarkable height of about 120 metres (390 ft) above the surface of the neighbouring plains and it attracts many people to Ara town on sightseeing visits.

The rock stands close to the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria (FCT), about 12 km (7 mi) away from Nasarawa town and about 220 km (137 mi) away from the town of Lafia, the Nasarawa State state capital.

The area is suitable for picnicking, mountaineering, sport hunting, bird watching. It is a perfect destination for lovers to have a quiet time they desire.

Annual festivals and cultural displays are held on the rock by the settlers of the town who worship annually on the rock.


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