Ebonyi State is in southeastern Nigeria. It is inhabited and populated primarily by the Igbo with the city of Abakaliki as its capital and largest city. Other major townships include Afikpo, Onueke, Ezzamgbo, Edda, Effium, Aba Omege, Amasiri, Unwana, Echara Ikwo, Egu-Ubia, Ụbụrụ, Onicha, etc. It was one of the six states created in 1996 by the then federal military government of General Sani Abacha. The State of Ebonyi was created from parts of both Enugu State and Abia State, which were the Abakaliki division from Enugu State and the Afikpo division from Abia State respectively. It has three senatorial zones, the Abakaliki division make up Ebonyi North and Ebonyi Central senatorial zones, while the Afikpo division make up the Ebonyi South senatorial zone. Ebonyi has thirteen local government areas as well as local development centres created by the state government. It is home to six prominent higher institutions of learning: Ebonyi State University, Abakaliki (EBSU); Alex Ekwueme Federal University Ndufu Alike Ikwo ; Akanu Ibiam Federal Polytechnic, Unwana; Federal College of Agriculture, Ishiagu; Ebonyi State College of Education Ikwo (EBSCOEI) and College of Health Sciences, Ezzamgbo.


It is located right inside Government House. Small huts are built there for relaxation and for visitors to admire the many wonders of nature. The green lake served as a leisure and relaxation centre for the colonial masters. It’s upgraded with modernized facilities which make it a tourist haven.


The environment is naturally beautiful and equipped for games by golf players. It is equally located at Abakaliki, the State capital.


This park is wonderfully made as a relaxation spot especially for children. It is well equipped to serve the purpose. It is a place you cannot afford to miss as a visitor to Ebonyi State. It is also located at Abakaliki, the capital of Ebonyi State.


The cave Is located at Amanchor in Afikpo South. The Cave is about 4 kilometers long. Plans are underway to develop this cave, as it is capable of attracting visitors to the site from within and outside the country. The Amanchor cave Is located at Amanchor in Afikpo South. The Cave is about 4 kilometers long and one of the numerous tourist attraction in Ebonyi state. When the reporter visited the place in November, the path to the cave was bushy.

But the view from the hilltop is simply breathtaking. A sweeping panoramic view of the environment revealed nature at its best. Left and right, as far as the eye could see, is an alluring undulating topography.  You could see the neighbouring state from that height.

One of the guides told the reporter that the cave is usually a beehive of activity during Yuletide. According to him, tourists from far and near converge on the cave to savour the architectural masterpiece. The natural underground chamber is really fascinating. There are rooms or compartments of various shapes and sizes. The big one is arranged like a sitting room with stones positioned like chairs and a table while the inner part is like a bedroom.


These beaches are respectively located at Unwana and Ndibe in Afikpo North LGA. The two beaches are part of extensive scenic golden sand beaches along Cross River basin. They are ideal centres for relaxation, sunbathing, swimming, sport fishing, canoe-racing, and yachting. These golden sand beaches are one of the top attractions in Ebonyi State.

They are usually a beehive of activities at weekends and public holidays as fun seekers gather there for parties and other social events. Both are ideal for relaxation, sport fishing, swimming, sun bathing, yatchting and canoe racing. Ndibe beach is accessed from Abakaliki through Amuro/Mgbom roundabout in Afikpo. Other beaches in Ebonyi State are Ozi zza and Kpoghiri Kpo Beach all in Afikpo-North LGA.An ideal centre for relaxation, Ndibe beach is part of the extensive golden sand beaches along the Cross-River basin and is located in Afikpo-North Local Government Area.

Combine the spectacle of the beach itself with an abundance of activities to take part in such as snorkeling, rock and shells exploration, sport fishing, sunbathing, and canoe racing and you have got one of the most well-rounded escapist beach spots in the country. At Ndibe, Ozizza and Unwana (all in Afikpo zone of the State) and Oferekpe Beach in Ikwo LGA of the State are all tourism destinations in the State.


These are rocks naturally shaped like eggs. These rock formations have been there for ages. They are located at Ndieze Community in Izzi Local Government Area.


This is located at Okposi in Ohaozzara LGA. The economic importance of this lake is enormous. It has served as the economic base for most of the rural women in the area. In the town of Okposi, in a hectare of space surrounded by trees, there is a lake. Its water level is low during the rains and rises in the dry season. Only scaled fishes thrive in it.

For 400 years, it has been the source of salt for the indigenes. Local lore has it that the lake was discovered by two hunters, who when searching for drinking water found that the water could not quench their thirst. Over the years, Okposi women led the production of salt by utilizing solar energy, and the town became a notable trade centre, attracting buyers from the eastern and northern parts of present-day Nigeria. A famous market arose, called Odenigbo Okposi.

Located almost two hours from Abakaliki, in Ohaozara Local Government Area of Ebonyi State, the Okposi Salt Lake was a haven during the Biafran War when people in the east ran out of salt. Biafran scientists, on finding that it has the highest salinity out of all Eastern Nigerian lakes, initiated an industry near it, and taught the women modernized production techniques.


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