Located in south-south geopolitical zone of Nigeria, Bayelsa State which was carved out of Rivers State, was one of the states created by the military regime of late Gen. Sani Abacha on 1st October, 1996. The state has one of the largest crude oil and natural gas deposits in Nigeria. As a result, petroleum production is extensive in the state. However, the majority of Bayelsans are mainly rural dwellers and the local population engage in fishing on a subsistence and commercial level.

Created out of the old Rivers State in 1996, the name Bayelsa is an acronym of three former local government area, Brass, Yenagoa, and Sagbama. Bayelsa State is located in an oil rich Niger Delta area where Nigeria’s first oil well at Oloibiri was erected when the country joined the ranks of oil producers in 1958 when its first oil field came on stream producing 5100 bpd.


VISION: “Our vision is our yardstick for continuous growth and better service delivery.”

To be a reference point in providing world class comfort, fun and entertainment in the Niger Delta.

MISSIO: “The Kontiki mission is one with high standards that will never compromise.”

To provide a safe, fun and relaxing environement for wholesome entertainment for all strata of society in the Niger Delta.

We are the first choice for active sports persons, We have beautiful indoor restaurants for dinning, We host weddings, birthdays and corporate events, Our facilities also caters for exhibitions, trade fairs, seminars, We run state-of-the-art VIP night clubs for the upscale.

Sometimes we always wonder what would life be without amazing experiences that keeps us going. Kontiki brings:

All of your heart desires and fun-filled activities in one awesome park and resort to help you create and recreate life’s amazing experiences that will continue to help you retrospect in times to come.

We are unbeatable in providing one of the best life-amazing entertainment-engulfed experiences in the history of Nigeria.

  • To promote and instill safety rules for everyone
  • To ensure you get value-added services always
  • To create a fun-filled experience for all our users.

Nigeria’s First Oil Well, Oloibiri

 In Oloibiri town, there is a monument on the road junction where is sited the first crude oil well, ever drilled in Nigeria when oil was discovered in Nigeria in 1956. The oil well, 12,008 feet deep, marked the beginning of Nigeria’s economic base shift from Agriculture to Oil and gas.

Oloibiri is a historic town to the oil and gas industry in Nigeria. Nigeria’s first commercial oil discovery in Oloibiri town by Shell Darcy on January 15, 1956.

The discovery of oil in Oloibiri changed Nigeria’s economic status for the better as a flurry of activities: investments, tourism, oil exportation, etc., came to be. And with an initial production of 5,000 barrels of oil per day (which would later become as much as 2,000,000), Nigeria became the 6th largest oil producer on the chart of the Organisation of petroleum Exporting Countries OPEC.

Oloibiri well was the first commercial oil well in Nigeria. Oloibiri Oilfield was the first commercial oil field in Nigeria as well as West Africa. Nigeria exported its first crude oil in February 1958 from the Oloibiri oil field. Nigeria’s first crude oil export came from Oloibiri field in February 1958. Nigeria’s first crude oil pipeline was laid from Oloibiri oil field to Port Harcourt on the Bonny River (Bonny Export Terminal).

Akassa Slave Transit Camp and Tunnel

The transit camp found in Ogbokiri, Brass near Akassa in Brass LGA, is the spot where slaves were camped and later transported to the new world (America and Caribbean) through the Atlantic Ocean. Till this day, the grim-looking houses built of iron and brick where slaves were chained as they awaited shipment to the Americas still stands to show the horrific slave trade era.

The houses were made of solid iron and bricks, and the restraining chains that were used to fetter slaves as they awaited shipment are still visible at the camp, and the tunnel through which slaves were stoked away can still be seen at the tourist destination today.

Anyone can visit the slave camp today and revisit the old days when our people were stolen away to foreign nations.

Akassa Wildlife Forest

 Akassa forest is one of the major forest reserves of the Niger Delta region for bird watching with over 69 species of birds recorded. The reserve is one of the most important roosting area for wintering pale arctic waders and terns in southern Nigeria and it has a land area of 7,200 hectares.

Okpoama Beach

Okpoama Beach is a natural sand beach at the bank of the Atlantic Ocean where a yearly Christmas fiesta takes place. Its shores are washed clean and pure by the gentle rolling waves.


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