THE UNIVERSITY OF JOS, abbreviated as Unijos, is a Federal University in Jos, Plateau State, central Nigeria.

Motto: Discipline and Dedication

Type: Public

Established: 1975

Chancellor: Chief Tony Momoh

Vice-Chancellor: Professor Sebastian Seddi Maimako

Students: 14,000

Location: Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria

Campus: Urban

Colors: White, Green, Blue, Brown, Gold

Nickname: UNIJOS



University of jos medical student.jpg

What became the University of Jos was established in November 1971 from the satellite campus of the University of Ibadan. The first students were admitted in January 1972 as pre-degree students and the first Bachelor of Arts degree program begun in October 1973. In October 1975, then military government under General Murtala Mohammed established the Unijos as a separate institution. The first Vice-Chancellor of the Unijos was Professor Gilbert Onuaguluchi. Classes began at the newly reorganized University of Jos in October 1976 with 575 students spreading over the existing four faculties of Arts and Social Sciences, Education, Natural Sciences and Medical Sciences. Post-graduate programs were added in 1977. By 1978 Faculties of Law and Environmental Sciences were established and the Faculties of Arts and Social Sciences was separated.

In 2003, the Carnegie Corporation of New York gave Unijos a $2 million grant to form its own fundraising department.


1              Faculty of Agriculture

2              Faculty of Arts

3              Faculty of Education

4              Faculty of Engineering

5              Faculty of Environmental Sciences

6              Faculty of Law

7              Faculty of Management Sciences

8              Faculty of Natural Sciences

9              Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences

10           Faculty of Social Sciences

11           Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

12           Faculty of Faculty of Dental Sciences

13           Faculty of Faculty of Clinical Sciences

14           Faculty of Health Sciences & Technology

15           Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences


Notable scholars associated with the university include:

Etannibi Alemika, first female professor of law from the Kogi State.

Charity Angya, former Vice-chancellor Benue State University.

Solomon Dalung, former lecturer in the Faculty of Law and Minister of Youth and Sports.

Yakubu Dogara, former speaker, House of Representatives.

Yakubu Dogara, Nigerian Politician

Helon Habila, novelist.

Esther Ibanga, pastor and peace prize winner

Chukwuemeka Ike, novelist.

Audu Maikori, lawyer, entrepreneur.

Ali Mazrui, Kenyan political scientist.

Charles O’Tudor, brand strategist, entrepreneur.

Saint Obi, Nigerian actor.

Viola Onwuliri, Minister of Foreign affairs & Minister of State for Education, Nigeria, Professor of Biochemistry.

Igho Sanomi, Nigerian businessman.

Pauline Tallen, Nigerian politician.


E. A. Ayandele (1971-1975) (Ag)

Gilbert Onuaguluchi (1975-1978.First Vice Chancellor).

E. U. Emovon (1978-1985).

Ochapa C. Onazi (1985-1989).

Para Mallum (1989-1993).

G. O. M. Tasie (1993-1994) (Ag).

N.E. Gomwalk (1994-1999).

M. Y. Mangvwat (2000-2001) (Ag).

M. Y. Mangvwat (2001-2006).

C.O.E. Onwuliri (2006-2006) (Ag).

Sonni Gwanle Tyoden(2006-2011).

Hayward Babale Mafuyai (2011-2016).

Sabastine S. Maimako (2016-date)


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