The Santiago Bernabéu of the 21st century is set to be a major state-of-the-art, universal icon and, since June 2019, a stunning transformation has been taking place. Some of the work that reflects this change relates to the roof, where the north and south stand sections have now been dismantled. In addition, the extendible section of the roof on the side of the stadium that runs along the Castellana has also been removed, along with other parts. In the future, the new roof’s fixed structure will protect all of the stadium’s seats, whilst the retractable roof will cover all of the pitch.
One feature of the future stadium that is now visible is the metal structure belonging to the new towers on the Paseo de la Castellana. Equipped with ramps, escalators and lifts, the new towers will replace the current B and C towers and will serve to make the flow of spectators more fluid. They’ll also serve an architectural purpose, given that they will provide structural support for the new roof.


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