The Kings College, Lagos, is a boys-only secondary school formed by an Act of British Parliament on Monday, September 20, 1909, with Mr. Lomax as its first Principal. The College began with 10 pupils and was originally known as King’s School, Lagos. It was established with the goal of producing students of exceptional character and academic achievement who would help build an independent Nigeria. “To provide for the youth of the colony a higher general education than that provided by the existing schools,” the colonialists wrote, “to prepare them for the Matriculation Examination of the University of London, and to give a useful course of study to those who intend to qualify for professional life or to enter Government. “

Nigeria’s Governor-General, Sir Lord Fredrick Lugard, described King’s College, Lagos, as “the finest institution in the colony as well as the Premier School” in a White Paper issued in 1914.

King’s College Lagos has demonstrated its educational excellence for decades and has weathered the test of time. King’s College Lagos has a 90 percent success rate in the May/June 2015 WASSCE, according to unverified evidence. The inter-house sports competition, the annual bi-lateral games with Achimota School Ghana, and the King’s College/College Queen’s Graduation ball for exiting SS3 students are all popular social events at King’s College.

Every year, the KIGS Cup is a prominent sports event. It’s a prominent quadrangular cricket competition amongst four schools: King’s College, Igbobi College, Government College Ibadan, and St. Gregory’s College.

The annual Ikoyi Run is also an important sporting event at King’s College. The Ikoyi Run is a marathon between four residences.

In addition, each year, the four houses engage in an inter-house athletics event.


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