Taraba State University

Taraba State University is located in Jalingo, Taraba StateNigeria.

The university at Jalingo was established by the Taraba State Government in 2008, to widen access to university education for Taraba State indigenes and promote economic development in the country. Right from inception, the university set out for itself a goal that is captured in its motto – Harnessing nature’s gift. The university is guided by the national and international manpower needs usually accredited by the National Universities Commission, Abuja.

Like other universities the world over, this institution strives to ensure that its products receive quality programmes. To this end, it had always subjected itself to the peer review of its programs. Curricula developed are of relevance to the nation as well as being up to date with modern academic trends. Council’s supervision in matters of finance and discipline of staff also ensure that this university is accountable to the university system.

Academic and administrative structure of the university

The academic structure of the university consists of faculty-organized research units and relevant teaching and research support units. The department is the basic unit of academic organization aimed at enhancing interaction between related disciplines in the university. Though each unit of academic discipline is an organizational entity, they all have common teaching and research interests through the spirit of cooperative and interdisciplinary research and the development of group effort.

The administrative set up of a school is centered on the Dean’s Office, while the departments concentrate essentially on academic matters and pursuits. The overall affairs of the university are guided by the council in policy and financial matters, while the senate determines all academic matters.

The vice-chancellor is the chief executive of the university and supervises the academic and administrative operations of the university under the directive and /or advice of relevant committees. Such committees include the council and its committees, the senate and its committees, council/senate joint committees, faculty boards, administrative committees and other statutory committees.


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