I was shocked by the news/video circulating around in the public with respect to the the toxic outburst of FFK against a journalist, calling him unprintable names.

The sin of the journalist, according to FKK, is that hls question was insulting.

I was like, same ffk that a week will not pass without him releasing vulgar utterances against the vice president. So this man can not even take half of what he ditches out to the VP. This propelled me to scan through some of his vulgar/unrefined utterances/tweets towards the VP. Below are few collections, from NL, of some of FFK’s insultive post against the VP, yet neither the VP nor his aides dignify him with any response.

1.The short, evil and wicked fake pastor, evil beast.
2.the evil one who pretends to be an angel
3.political errand boy
4. He should resign, (agreeing with Timi Frank of collecting billions of naira from FIRS). Today all media outlets that published the news have all apologized.
5. midget
These are the few of his many insulting words towards the VP.


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