I met this lady, a colleague of mine for over a year now, we work in the same unit. Don’t get it twisted, our Organization permits marriages but one of us will make a transfer to another branch within the same location.

I liked her, everybody in our unit noticed there’s a connection between us. However, we’re like cat and dog we fight over everything, always disagreeing, yet.

I have been getting a lot of advice from my fellow colleagues about how she’s the perfect match for me and how compatible we’re if we decide to be together.

However, truth be told, I have not been really serious with her, I flirt with other single girls in the unit. The other day, they were having relationship discussion, a senior colleague of mine said that I use to jump from one girl to another.

The last Valentine’s day, I called her that we really need to talk she told me if it’s really that serious I should come over to her house which I did. I went there to profess my love for her, I asked her to give me a chance that I’m gonna be a better man.

She calls me a confused human being, that I don’t really know what I want, that it’s too late. That she already has someone and planning to get married to him next year.

Now, I’ve decided to accept my faith and move on with one particular lady that cares about me, I no longer call her like I used to anymore, just greetings that use to join us now.

I have noticed a hostile attitude from her towards me, she gets angry whenever she sees me with the other girl.

Yesterday, during lunch hour, I met her with few of my colleagues and little conversation ensued between us she said I should bet with her that I’m going to leave that girl and come back to her, that made me a little upset within. So we had a bet.

Pls I need your advice, I truly love her, I think about her almost all the time. Should I swallow my ego and try to make things work between us again or I should let the sleeping dog lie?


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