A proud father shares this;

Babysitting isn’t an easy task, especially when your 6-month-old knows how to scatter your settings with crying when she is hungry!

Story of my life -I learnt to do homemade baby food in 5 minutes, as if I had been doing it since 1999.

It’s not funny but I will make the gist as interesting as I can.

Here we go.

Growing up was like daddies are not usually experts at making baby food but at least they do the feeding part well. Hmmmm…

Deola, our first child, changed it for me in such a dramatic way that it will take a lifetime to forget.

Yes, I have been helping out with feeding and other tasks when summoned. However, preparing meals and feeding our baby all alone has not hooked me like this before.

This particular afternoon ooo… Sweetheart went grocery shopping and Deola was about to sleep when she was about leaving the house.

At least it looked like she would sleep off quite soon.

So, I agreed to take charge till my madam came back hoping that baby girl would enjoy her sleep while she was away.

Little did I know that I had set myself up for mild drama.

Shortly after sweetheart left, baby girl shine her eyes to the fullest. Somehow, sleep walked away from her cute face.

I introduced biscuits and toys to keep her busy. It was working, I was happy.

I wasn’t a bad babysitter, after all. Abbi?

Few minutes later…. Story changed… Deola wanted more than biscuits…

I formed Wizkid. I formed Yemi Alade… Woefully, my talent failed me.

Baby girl was not having any of my dry performances. She wanted a nice meal.

Then, I realized that my Egungun done enter express finish. How moto no go jam am now?

Since Google has always been my friend, I walked up to his sister, YouTube. I asked her what’s up? Man badly needed to prepare 6 month baby food.

After sieving through a couple of videos, I found Nuttymeal Pudding Recipe.

Luckily for me, Jaden’s Nuttymeal was chillin’ somewhere in the house. That was how I followed the video ooo.

As the water was boiling, I was making paste with Jaden’s Nuttymeal in her plate.

She did not even send me… As if she knew that each time she screamed, my BP rose, she was dropping it like Mr Macaroni’s skit.

I wasn’t doing well at all. I felt like I was punishing her for staying with only me at home. Everything was just annoying me.

As I poured the Nuttymeal paste in water on the fire, my phone rang.

Guess what? Honey was close by. …

ALAS, she was stuck in traffic about normally 6 minutes’ drive to the house. A naughty truck had broken down and had to be moved before she could get out there.

All my hopes of getting help in a few minutes time was dashed all over again.
I took heart. I kept stirring the paste in the pot as it was gradually becoming a proper meal.
I became gradually happy. I covered and left it on fire for a while to get done.

Meanwhile, baby girl was beginning to calm down. Guess she pitied me when she saw hot sweat trickling down my face out of perspiration.

3 minutes later, her food was ready!

She made my job easier. She was taking it as I was giving her.

Funny thing was she slept off almost immediately she finished eating.

Make I no lie, it pained me that nobody witnessed my pain and agony to tell me sorry dear.

I tried telling the story of how Deola dealt with me personally in her mum’s absence to her. But the fact that she was fast asleep as if she had been like that all day made my crybaby narration weak.

Anyways, I survived.

I made her a nice meal when she needed it. And that was all that matters.

I am better prepared now. My baby won’t cry next time she needs homemade food because I am a better dad now.

If you are claiming to be a proud dad and you have not made baby food in 5 minutes like me, find your mates elsewhere abeg. I no be your mate. Lol.


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