Over the years, I have been so keen at studying the behaviors of most of our political “leaders” who have continuously glorified themselves in the regalia of undeserved honour.

The self glorifications are not actually far from the ways the electorate have continued so sell their self values so cheaply for the crumbles falling from the tables of the gods over our commonwealth.

We have continued to live as ‘son of a butcher feeding on bones and that of a cloth seller wearing rags’. Aren’t we tired of such unprofitable and unfavorable lifestyle for ones?

The above position justifies the reasons we have continually allowed “hyenas” to take care of the “sheep”. Do we then expect the sheep to be safe?

Interestingly, the perceived lifestyle is not peculiar to Nigeria alone, it’s more like African thing.

Over the years, most African leaders have across levels continued to show they are lovers of titles with little or no capacity to take up the responsibilities commensurate to titles they have always desired. They have continued to live as men who love military regalia with no knowledge of defence in time of “war”. Little wonder Africa is so backward despite her wealth.

Looking at developed societies, their leader sees title as nothing, hence focus and efforts are towards bettering the lots of the electorates.

Looking at the political structures in Nigeria for example, the President and his Vice are “given” His Excellency, likewise the Governors and their deputies and the cabinet ministers and commissioners are called honourable. Also the members of the Senate, House of Representatives and Assemblies are respectively called distinguished and honorables…

Interestingly, people who have severed jail terms are bearers of the aforementioned titles why many accused of one criminal act or other are also jostling to be a title bearer… What a pity!

When we objectively look at the weight of the titles in relation to our level of under development, it will not be wrong to posit that only few of the bearers deserve to be called in such titles.

The undeserved titles ascribed to them is one of the major reasons they have seen themselves as unquestionable, little wonder they have continued with the formulation of laws that seem to be protecting their interest and that of their political associates alone.

Until the electorates makes them realize that only men who are keen at fighting and protecting the interest of the electorates deserves to be called excellency, distinguished and honorable, the narratives may never change and we shall all continue to suffer the pains as it is and so the generations after us. Though not sounding as a prophet of doom.
Let’s wake up!


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