Paul University, Awka (PUA) is located in Awka, Anambra State in Nigeria. It is a private Christian university. It was founded in 2009 by Bishops of the five ecclesiastical provinces of the Anglican Church East of the Niger to provide undergraduate training in Natural and Applied Sciences, Social Sciences and Management. The university which is fully residential has an estimated enrollment of around 400 students (expected to reach 3,500) and has replaced St Paul’s University College which was founded in 1904 by the Church Missionary Society of the Church of England to train church workers and teachers 

Academic Programmes

Paul University, Awka currently has three faculties and these faculties offer a variety of courses. The faculties are; Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences, Faculty of Management and Social Sciences, and Faculty of Arts. In addition, it runs an Institute of Theology, which it inherited from the defunct St. Paul’s University College, and also admits students into the JUPEB  and Continuing Education Programme (CEP).

The school provides the services of a bookshop, cyber cafe, computer training center, among other services

The list of courses offered and their duration, and degree awarded are listed below, by faculties.

Faculty of Natural and Applied Science

Biological Sciences4 yearsB. Sc
Biochemistry4 yearsB. Sc
Chemistry4 yearsB. Sc
Pure and Industrial Physics4 yearsB. Sc
Pure Mathematics4 yearsB. Sc
Computer Science and Information Technology4 yearsB. Sc
Microbiology4 yearsB. Sc

Faculty of Management and Social Sciences

Accountancy4 yrsB. Sc
Banking and Finance4yrsB. Sc
Business Administration4 yrsB. Sc
Management and Entrepreneurial Studies4yrsB. Sc
Sociology and Psychology4yrsB. Sc
Political Science4yrsB. Sc
Public Administration4yrsB. Sc
Economics4yrsB. Sc
Marketing4yrsB. Sc

Faculty of Arts

English Language4yrsBA
English Literature4 yrsBA
History and International Relations4yrsBA
Religious Studies4yrsBA
Mass Communication4yrsBA


Paul University Library was established on 30 November 2009 to support and facilitate the teaching, learning, research and recreational activities of the University Community. The library inherited the collection of the former St. Paul’s College, Awka, which is expanding and broadening as the College Library transforms into a University Library, balancing Sciences with earlier emphasis on the Arts, Social and Management Sciences.

The University also runs an E-Library- a section of the library in which collections are stored in electronic media formats (as opposed to print, or other media) and accessible through computers.


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