someone fraudulently gain access to my account last night 28TH March 2020 and performed a series transactions of N443,928.49 without my authorisation.

I have called StanbicIBTC customer care and the lady I spoke with told me they would disable the account and push the case to stanbicIBTC fraud unit. Luckily I was able to transfered remaining balance to my GTB account to prevent further debits (I only saw this at about 5am when I work up to pee and saw a single alert of about 6k which I guess was the first trial. The funny thing was thst the debit alert for others or the login notifications or OTp token request didn’t drop in my phone Sms or email just the first 6k.

The debited money 400k+ is still being held in my account Ledger balance (see screenshot), please I will appreciate any assistance in recoverying the money. I had no reason to believe my money wasn’t safe in my StanbicIbtc bank account.

Note: I rarely used this account apart for saving… I rarely use the atm on this account too. I usually transfer from this account to my gtb before withdrawing.

Bank say there is slim chance of getting the money, that even though the fund are still held in ledger balance they are as good as debited.


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