The usual vibrating moments electioneering periods is known for in the part of this world called Nigeria has landed in the terrain of Osun State. There have been huge lots of heated arguments about who will win? Some have been logical while some are emotional laced with sentiments.

Here on this page, we will be analyzing the coming election contest staged for July 16th, 2022 from a different view using the popular SWOT analysis techniques.

In this analysis, we will be exploring the two popular contenders for the number one seat of the state of Osun, the sitting governor, Governor Isiaka Oyetola and Senator Ademola Adeleke, exploring the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.


These are one of the big advantages for the sitting Governor, Governor Isiaka Oyetola is his strength as the power of incumbency cannot be undermined by any standard. Also, his performances will go to the election as a big factor that cannot be easily swayed away, his constant payment of salary, relieving the backlogs of retirement benefit, social intervention, empowerment programmes, infrastructural development, employment opportunities and quality health services. These feats are what will be tricked out in the hearts of the electorates.

As for the Senator Ademola Adeleke, one natural strength is the fact that his surname is a highly respected household name in the politics of Osun, from his Father, to his uncle and now, the dancing senator himself, his cousin, the well-known Afro Musician, Davido Adeleke with the stage name Davido is an advantage to the his uncle strength that cannot be cut out.

Again, Senator Ademola Adeleke social benevolence to the state of Osun is uncommon despite without government funds like many others is also a strength that will stand the test of time.


The intra party conflict within the APC Circus are one of the weaknesses that affect the probability of returning to power of the sitting governor and the fact that the sitting governor has not been fully opened to firsthand information about the reactions of the masses to his style of governance as many of his appointees try to praise him and being sycophantic at times.

His defeat in the last election has taken him partially out of the public face, which will make him less popular in the coming election and the internal conflict within the party will not salvage the situation and either close the chances of winning for Senator Ademola Adeleke.


Senator Iyiola Omisore, who was a third force in the last election, has joined his force with the All Progressive Party (APC) and is now the National Secretary of the party. His influence and stake will help the seated governor on his march to another victory.

Some hatred has consciously and unconsciously emerged for the seating governor within the last three years of his reign as the governor of the state, this will be an opportunity for Senator Ademola Adeleke to explore and the good deeds of him and his family are good opportunities to explore to make him close to winning the elections.


The conflict of the seating governor with the former Governor of the state, Engineer Rauf Adesoji Aregbesola, and Chief Moshood Olalekan Adeoti, the former Secretary to the state government, hopes it will not create some loop for their opponents to take advantage of.

Looking at the lifestyle of Senator Ademola Adeleke, it makes him sound like he is not credible enough for the seat.

From the facts stated, you can easily differentiate who is close to winning the topmost seat of the state, Osun.

Let’s wait and see how it unveils in the next few days and finally on the D-Day, Saturday, July 16th 2022 as the state will elected to the next governor to saddle the state for the next four years.

Will Governor Isiaka Oyetola return to power or Senator Ademola Adeleke overthrone him.

Let’s stay tuned.


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