Today being 23 march 2020, I went to LUTH due to the appointment I have with the E.N.T doctor. When the time came for the Dr to see us the patients, she addressed us and asked everyone to go home due to the corona virus epidemic and how unprepared the hospital was to protect staff working there.

She reveald that LAGOS UNIVERSITY TEACHING HOSPITAL does not have enough air ventiletor, that LUTH only has about 15 ventilators and the nature of ENT clinic demands close contact with patients for thorough examination and she won’t risk her life even if she has ventilators.

She told us to either wait until the epidemic is over or go to NCDC and get tested for the virus assuring us that if an individual can get two negative result within 48hrs and bring the result for confirmation, then she will attend to the person.

I immediately took bike from LUTH gate to CDC office yaba, got there and explained everything to them, they directed me to MAINLAND HOSPITAL (IDH) around Yabatech.


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