Kings University is one of the private universities in Nigeria that offers diverse undergraduate programmes. The university is located in Ode-Omu, Osun State. Kings University has been officially accredited and recognized by the National Universities Commission (NUC), Nigeria. The name of the current Vice Chancellor of Kings University is Professor Adenike Kuku. She assumed the office of the Vice-Chancellor of Kings University on 1st January, 2020. She hails from Osun State, Nigeria. The Proprietor of Kings University is the King’s Ministries Trust A.K.A. Kingsway International Christian Centre which is a Protestant evangelical Ministry. KICC is incorporated in Nigeria. It was registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission on 26th June 1995 with registration number 8593.

The Centre has 17 branches in the UK and international branches in Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Ireland, Namibia and Malawi. It has a global outreach through Winning Ways and KICCTV. It is also regularly streaming its services on the internet. KICC runs an international conference and a Women’s conference annually. It impacts its community through various outreach programmes.

The interest of KICC in education and personal development is proven by the fact that for most of its life so far, it has established the following:

Dream Assist which helps people to develop skills in different areas of life, such as, computer skills, Cisco, etc. The Kings College of Excellence which is a Bible School that offers both theological and practical life ministry studies. It was formerly known as Kingsway School of Ministry (KISOM).

Career Counselling Department

Educational Counselling Department

Leadership 101 Training

Supplementary School on Saturdays.

The current work with Oxford and Cambridge partnering with them to help young students enter into their institutions.

Placement for students in the office

Helping students with projects.

Our Vision

At Kings University, our vision is to raise quality leaders that would transform Nigeria and continually sustain her as a technologically advanced Nation.

Our Mission

At Kings University, our mission is to be a University, recognized for academic excellence and human capital development which impacts society economically, intellectually and socially.


B.Sc. Biology

B.Sc. Biotechnology

B.Sc. Microbiology

B.Sc. Biochemistry

B.Sc Chemistry

B.Sc. Computer Science

B.Sc. Physics Mathematics


B.A English and literary studies

B.A. Religious Studies

B.A History


B.Sc. Accounting

B.Sc. Banking and Finance

B.Sc. Business Administration

B.Sc. Economics

B.Sc. Political science

B.Sc. International Relations



Dressing adds value to a person’s personality, self-confidence and self – worth. This saying is very instructive; “The way you dress is the way you will be addressed.”

Additional rules by the Faculty Boards

In addition to this dress code for students, students shall adhere to the guidelines issued by their Schools/ Colleges/ Faculties on the appropriate attire and footwear for various curricular or extra-curricular activities such as in the laboratories/ workshops/theatre/athletics etc. for safety reasons. The University will take disciplinary action against students who do not comply with this code or such guidelines…

General Dress Code

All students shall:

1. not pierce or tattoo any part of the body while in the University.

2. not possess and or wear jeans trousers in the University environment.

3. not wear ¾ (three quarters) trouser of any kind to the lecture halls, administrative building, and chapel services or during official hours.

4. not wear face-cap, muffler and such other clothing that does not portrait decency.

5. be readily identifiable at all times with their faces uncovered. No student is allowed to wear anything that prevents ready identification such as full-face motorcycle helmet, mask or veil.

6. at all times wear a photo ID. Photo ID must be clearly visible and should not be worn on backpacks or below the waist.

7. wear clean, professional footwear with a low or moderate heel. Dress sandals and clean sneakers are appropriate for class. Flip-flops or well-worn athletic shoes are strictly prohibited.

Dress Code for Female Students

All female students shall:

1. be corporately dressed that is, a smart skirt suit, skirt and blouse, or a smart dress with a pair of covered shoes.

2. wear gowns and skirts of AT LEAST 4 – 6 INCHES below the knees.

3. not wear sleeveless native attire or baby sleeves and tiny strap wears without jacket within the University Environment

4. not wear dropping shawls scarves over dresses or dresses with tiny straps in the University environment

5. not wear clinging clothing (including body hugs, hip-stand trousers)

6. not wear revealing blouses, especially blouses that do not cover the navel in the University environment.

7. not wear transparent dresses without inner wears. Transparent dresses may be worn with dark singlet or other forms of dark inner wears.

8. wear decent hairstyles. Coloured weaves and attachments are strictly prohibited.

9. wear earrings and necklaces of moderate sizes (not too big). Wearing more than one earring on an ear is strictly prohibited.

10. not wear ankle chains and toe rings in the University community.

11. wear boobs tubes and camisoles under jacket with all sense of modesty. No part of the chest should be revealed.

12. properly tuck into their shirts whenever they wear waist coasts or anklets sweaters over such shirts.

Dress Code for Male Students

All male students:

1. are expected to dress corporately to the lecture halls, Chapel services, examination hall with a shirt and necktie.

2. not wear tie with canvas.

3. not wear Jerry curls and treated hair.

4. are expected to be clean-shaven, as keeping of beard is prohibited.

5. shall button their long-sleeved shirts. Any student found without buttoning his sleeves shall be sanctioned.

6. shall properly tuck their shirts into the trouser. Any student found wearing his trousers above the ankle and or pulling down trouser to the hip line (sagging) will be sanctioned.

7. shall wear a well-cut and combed hair style. Keeping of Afro hair style is strictly prohibited.


For a breach of University Dress Code for Students, sanctions range from a warning, suspension for a period not exceeding one to two sessions, or expulsion from the University. See the University Code of Conduct for Students for the appropriate sanction.


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