Imo Beauty Queen Isabella Okafor Supports Imo Government, Re-Beautifies Symbolic Signages

In Imo state, a vibrant, proactive, intellectual and rooted daughter of the soil, Queen Isabella Okafor, popularly referred as “Ada Imo”, has commenced the re-beautification of few dilapidated signages to support efforts of Imo state Government. The repainting and re-beautification of the popular Freedom Falls signage and Imo International Convention Center-IICC signage, started on 21st of August 2020, with a consciousness-awareness campaign on the role of youths in national development, as against the conventional reliance on governments.

Speaking with StatePress Correspondent, Queen Isabella Okafor noted that it was heartbreaking to realise that signages which were symbols of beautification and attraction in the heart and city center of Owerri, Imo state had become reproachful. She further stated that the duo repainting exercise of Freedom Fall and IICC, both at Warehouse Junction were aimed at beautifying Imo, awaken individual consciousness and warn against the entitlement mentality. 

In the words of Queen Isabella Okafor, She says, “most importantly the project is to awaken the consciousness of the youths in Imo state, but also people all over the Nigeria to step out of the entitlement mentality of what what government can do for us, but instead go ahead to proffer solutions to the problems around us”. She further stated that by volunteerism and collaboration through individual inputs, leaders and government will be forced into doing the right thing.

She however dedicated the success of the re-beautification project to God Almighty who blessed her with the insight, capacity and speed to immediately commence the project to fruition. Queen Isabella therefore hoped that her Motherland blokes and accepts her little contribution towards making imo state beautiful again. She further prayed and wished for the blessing and prosperity of the People of Imo state, both today and generations to come.

Isabella pledged to continuously remain active in promoting the growth and development of Imo state and her entire country, Nigeria. She concluding with expressing heartfelt commitments to the truism of her nationalism, she says, ” I dearly love my state and country and I pledge to put in my time, treasures and talents to see that we get to the promised land, long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Long Live Imo state, the eastern Heartland and long live the good people of Imo state.


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