Critically examining the trends in Africa’s economic and political structure in the last decade, young Africans continue to suffer the consequences of systemic failure caused by poor leadership style when compared with youth from across other continents.

However, the status quo seems unchanged because of the docility of the youth cluster in the demand of equitable and just society for all. Reports have shown that youth constitute between 65 to 70% of Africa’s population, yet the demographic strength is not being leveraged in order to change the unpalatable situation for gains.

Young people suffer most of the problems confronting Africa, ranging from unemployment to insecurity, poor education system, poor infrastructures, socio-political crises, unlawful detention, extra judicial killings and host of others.

Africa’s political environment continues to remain toxic and irritant to opinion and expression of youth. The economic space also devours the economic initiatives of youth due to bad policies.

How can a continent achieve meaningful progress without paying due attention to its working population whose majority are unemployed?

The rise in terrorism in Africa is absolutely not far from unemployment and poor education system.

This year’s theme for International Youth Day; ” Youth Engagement for Global Action ” is timely and instructive and must not in anyway go in a way of annual unprofitable “rituals “.

Serious and constructive action is needed by the youth constituency in Africa order to change the old order that has landed us in a pitiable state for decades. There is no better time than now!

Olaogun Michael Sunkanmi, a Public Affairs Analyst wrote from Nigeria.


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