How are you preparing for this lockdown. I have got food stuff, filled my gas, subscribed my GOTV and also bought petrol because of epileptic power supply.

Like I read in the news, lockdown in Europe means you can’t step out of your door, so what will happen when those food stuff, petrol and other essentials finish?

Also what about those that stay in ghettos that don’t have the basic needs at home like water? Will they be allowed to go fetch water down the street. How are we going to keep grounded pepper for soup that will last till the lockdown is over?

So how are we going to eat? If corona virus doesn’t kill us, then hunger and thirst will. Even in countries with high cases, Malls and markets are open, just that every one is on face masks and hand gloves.

Nigerians! How prepared are you for this?


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