The formation of Nasrul-Lahi-Il-Fatih Society (NASFAT) – the Proprietor of Fountain University- was originally focused on prayer meetings for the Muslim elites, with a view to creating necessary opportunity for them to interact and rub minds with Islamic scholars on the one hand; and to enhance their knowledge about the principles and practices of Islam, on the other hand.

The desire of the Nasrul-Lahi-Il-Fatih Society  (NASFAT) to establish a University was borne out of its educational policy and plan enunciated at its strategic Retreat held at Akodo, Lagos, in the year 2000. From this humble beginning, the Society started a systematic process which led to the hosting of an academic summit of 30 Distinguished Academic Personalities from where an 18-person University Planning Committee emerged in January 2004.

Fountain University was granted an operational licence as a Private University on May 17, 2007 by the Federal Government on the recommendations of the National Universities Commission. Following this achievement, a Fountain Universities Strategic implementation Committee was set up to serve as “in loco Council” to actualise the birth of the University. This Committee worked tirelessly to put in place the necessary facilities for the University to take-off. The Committee was dissolved in September 2007 upon the inauguration of the Governing Council led by Professor N.O.Adedipe. The first Governing Council completed its first four Year in September 2011 after which it was reconstituted.

Our Vision

To provide competitive and resourceful graduates with high moral standard irrespective of race, tribe, religion or political inclinations.

Our Mission

To be a pace-setting institution in terms of learning, character-building and service to humanity.


Fountain University is committed to the total development of men and women in an enabling environment, through appropriate teaching, research and service to humanity, influenced by Islamic ethics and culture.


University Logo

The University logo comprises Fountain, Book and Water

Fountain represents a pool of knowledge that is naturally disseminated in perpetuity for good of mankind

Book represents embodiment of knowledge in its originality from which other forms of knowledge evolved

Water represents the original source of human survival


Student Affairs

Since inception, the students of Fountain University Osogbo are encouraged to maintain the laid down tradition of excellent behaviour and character as always emphasized particularly during student Orientation and Matriculation ceremonies.  The students are effectively coordinated and efficiently managed mainly by the Student Affairs unit, under the Vice-Chancellor’s office.

Registry Unit

In any system, all the components that make up of the entity are expected to perform optimally for the sustenance and continuity of that given system otherwise the system tends towards extinction.  It was against this background that provision was made in the Article of Fountain University Law 2007 for the Registry Unit as one of the main components of the University system.

Statutorily, the Registry is the repository of records in the University and responsible for the coordination of general administration in the University. In line with the laws of the University, the Head of the Registry, who is the Registrar, is the Chief Administrative Officer of the University. He is responsible to the Vice-Chancellor for the day –to-day management of the affairs (other than financial matters) of the University. The Registrar serves as a Member and Secretary to the Governing Council, Secretary of Senate and Congregation.

The Registry as a component in the University system comprise of Personnel, Academic Affairs, Council and General Administration. The Registry also provides services to the College Office, Vice-Chancellor’s Office and Student Affairs. The onerous responsibility of the Registry as the repository of records for the University assumes having the right personnel, trained and experienced enough to back up the Registrar in the discharge of his duties to the University.


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