Good evening everyone, I’ve been a guest for quite a while, created an account cause I need advice from the audience.

How long should an engagement ring be worn for? I’ve been engaged since last year May (dated for 4yrs), my Fiance hasn’t talked about proceeding to do introduction or marriage, it’s like he just proposed to me because he felt like.

This man has refused to be on his own, his Grandma and 5 siblings (younger and older) live with him and he takes responsibility for them all, two of his siblings living with him also have their partners living with them. It’s only a 3 bedroom flat. I feel like quitting the whole thing cause I don’t feel comfortable going to his house. When I do, he wants me to cook for everyone which gets me strained.

With the look of things, he has no plans of moving out for them cause he rented the apartment, neither do they have intentions of moving out on their own, it’s more like a family house. My period is two days late and I’m scared to the marrow.

Please advice me on what to do cause I can’t live with him if they’re still there after marriage, he’s not even talking about marriage, I’ve not asked him yet so as not to sound desperate but why propose if you don’t have plans of doing the next thing after a max of 6 months?

He’s 31 and I’m 24



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