“Edo Is Not Lagos”: Godwin Obaseki’s Ingratituous Bill Of Insult On Tinubu

It is a worthwhile venture when one chooses to stand far away from ingratituous people. They are like the “Bermuda Triangle”, always “swallowing” and not getting filled up. And unless they continue to take from you, you have not done anything for them. One thing is sure though, an ingratituous person is an armed “emotional robber”.

When a matter is like that, no time should be wasted to attempt to waste time and resources to assist such people. This is why the bill posted as “Edo is not Lagos” is an ingratituous insult on AsiwajuBola Ahmed Tinubu.

Let us recall that the Asiwaju held and lifted former Governor Olusegun Mimiko up to become Governor of Ondo State, to help him grow his South West outreach, but at then end of that effort, Governor Mimko floundered and left Asiwaju Tinubu in the cold. He was ungrateful.

At the end of that political trip the Asiwaju helped Olusegun Mimiko embark on, and when it mattered most to the Asiwaju, the former governor chose to work with erstwhile President Goodluck Jonathan than with the Asiwaju. As clearly as pictured, investing his resources in Olusegun Mimiko was a big loss to the Asiwaju – Mimiko should not have been helped to be governor. It is now about the ingratitude of Governor Obaseki.

However, in the above review, of that relationship between the Asiwaju and Mimiko, it is very clear, how, at no point did Mimiko insult the Asiwaju in his show of ingratitude. The same thing cannot be said about Governor Godwin Obaseki, who has taken his own ingratitude to a new level.

Governor Obaseki, who is a secondary beneficiary of the political magnanimity of the Asiwaju, having inherited a political dynasty put in place by the Asiwaju.

“Edo is not Lagos” is a geographical fact when the cadastrals mapping of the 2 cities are considered, but referring it to the politics of Edo State and the incumbent governorship, Edo State and especially Governor Godwin Obaseki has the Asiwaju to be grateful to, for what Governor Obaseki enjoys today as the governor of the State.

Edo may not be Lagos, but the governorship and the incumbent political status quo Godwin Obaseki is currently enjoying was strategically planned in Lagos, sponsored from Lagos and it took the shape and the image of what Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu delivered. So politically, Edo, undeniably, smells like Lagos.

Now, what did the Asiwaju do wrong and where did he incur Governor Obaseki’s displeasure?

Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, a seasoned democrat, is the only Nigerian politician who committed every needed resources to sustain, deepen and grow our democracy: he sustained a vibrant and a dreadful opposition polity until it was victory for the opposition parties. Governor Obaseki should not have expected such a democrat to support his attempt to muzzle 14 members of a 26 members Edo House of Assembly.

The Asiwaju’s offence was in telling Godwin Obaseki that he was wrong to insist on a “minority rule” in the Edo State House of Assembly. What was it that promoted Governor Obaseki’s fears that Governor Hope Uzodinma of Imo State did not encounter? Governor Obaseki had a House of Assembly populated by his party men, while Governor Uzodinma inherited an already operative Imo State House of Assembly dominated by the opposition.

The question is: how is Governor Uzodinma successfully managing a House populated by enemy legislators when his colleague, Governor Obaseki cannot manage his 26 members House filled with his party men? It shows that Governor Obaseki is unlearn in the arts of governance. Compare him with his Imo State counterpart, the difference in their experiences is very clear.

So, like Governor Olusegun Mimiko, Governor Godwin Obaseki enjoyed the continuity of the Asiwaju political magnanimity and was ungrateful, but unlike Governor Mimiko who left out adding insults to his ingratitude, Governor Obaseki took his to a childish climax by adding insults to his ingratitude against the Asiwaju.

Unfortunately, Governor Obaseki was blind to who the Asiwaju is: a politician who has “the right to be insulted”, a politician who has grown politically through the “insults” he has suffered, and the one who is who he has become through insults from those he “out runs”. So Governor Obaseki’s inglorious show of ingratitude and his insults can only raise the Asiwaju’s political pedestal than diminish it.

But as for him returning to Government House, Benin City, he has lost the opportunity for taking a hard earn political victory for the Edo people back to their mark of political slavery. Indeed it is not proper to “give the children’s bread to dogs”. And Asiwaju Bola Tinubu is right to suggest the removal of Governor Obaseki and come 19 Sepywmber 2020, he will prove it indeed that, politically, “Edo is Lagos”.


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