Doctor who spent past weeks treating coronavirus patients, dies of the virus (watch his last video)

A Pakistani Doctor who spent the past weeks screening and treating coronavirus patients in the Middle East country has reportedly died of the disease.

American-Pakistani activist @_SJPeace_ said the doctor identified as Usama Riaz knew there was no Personal protective equipment (PPE), but he persisted in treating patients with coronavirus.

He wrote;

This is Dr. Usama Riaz. He spent past weeks screening and treating patients with Corona Virus in Pakistan. He knew there was no PPE. He persisted anyways. Today he lost his own battle with coronavirus but he gave life and hope to so many more. KNOW HIS NAME

“If you save a life, it is as if you saved all of humanity.” His story and the story of all those fighting need to be written for history to remember. This is sacrifice, Heroism, and martyrdom. (Also if you don’t know a Muslim or have a friend that is, u do now. Follow)

In Dr. Riaz’s last video before he died of coronavirus, he advised Pakistanis to take the virus seriously and also listen to health authorities.

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