Nigeria has been excluded from the list of countries whose travellers could be received into Europe when the borders reopen on July 1 .
Schengenvisainfo .com reported that the European Union Commission released a list of 54 countries that qualified for travels into Europe as the union opens its borders that were shut to contain the spread of COVID – 19 .

The commission said that citizens of Brazil , Qatar , the US and Russia would only be able to enter Europe at a later date when the epidemiological situation in these countries improves .

The countries from which travellers are permitted to enter Europe are listed as Albania , Algeria, Andorra , Angola , Australia , Bahamas , Bhutan , Bosnia and Herzegovina and Canada.
Others listed are China , Costa Rica , Cuba , Democratic People ’s Republic of Korea , Dominica , Egypt , Ethiopia , Georgia , Guyana , India , Indonesia , Jamaica, Japan , Kazakhstan , Kosovo , Lebanon and Mauritius.
More countries include Monaco, Mongolia , Montenegro , Morocco , Mozambique , Myanmar, Namibia , New Zealand , Nicaragua , Palau , Paraguay , Rwanda , Saint Lucia , Serbia , South Korea , Tajikistan , Thailand , Tunisia , Turkey , Turkmenistan , Uganda , Ukraine , Uruguay, Uzbekistan , Vatican City , Venezuela , Vietnam and Zambia .

The EU Commission spokesman, Eric Mamer , said the union had the right to choose who would enter its borders .

“ The European Union has an internal process to determine from which countries it would be safe to accept travellers ,” he said, adding that it was “ based on health criteria . ”

On June 11 , the commission presented its recommendation on the reopening of internal Schengen borders on June 15 , so that Europeans could travel within the borderless area freely , just as they did pre -pandemic .


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