The chairman of the Lagos State chapter of the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW), Muiliu Ayinde Akisanya (aka MC Oluomo), has issued a warning to transport operators, union branches and motor parks to adhere strictly to the guidelines for transport operators that was issued by the Lagos State Government.

The guidelines include:

1) The provision of hand sanitizers and running water and soap at all motor parks.

2) The use of gloves and face masks by drivers and conductors.

3) The provision of infrared thermometers and that these thermometers should be used to check the temperature of passengers before boarding.

4) Carrying only 2 passengers per seat.

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Below is the statement by MC Oluomo

1. All transport operators/ branches are expected to sanitize their parks and garages regularly and continuously (at least before and after each trip).

2. All motor parks are expected to have washing hand equipment with soap and water.

3. All vehicles operators are expected to have alcohol based sanitizers in their Vehicles for the use of drivers, conductors and passengers

4. All operators are not allowed to over crowd/over load their vehicles from this point forward.
5. No standing in all BRT and LBSL bus operations. All buses are to operate at 60% loading capacity.

6. All Air Conditioning System in public transport must be put off

7. All public transport Operators/Company/Branches/ Units must have temperature reader to test each passenger before boarding the bus.

8. All drivers and conductors should always wear hand gloves and nose guides while in transit. As we look forward to our members adhering strictly to the aforementioned directives, we equally enjoined our esteemed passengers/Commuters to:

9. Maintain highest level of hygiene by constantly washing their hands/ sanitizing themselves before and after each trip.

10. Operators/ transport companies and passengers are expected to report any suspected case of COVID-19 to Chairman office NURTW Lagos Council or the Ministry of Transportation or better still report promptly to the nearest hospital for proper medical attention.

Any Union members found to be violating these directives will be seriously dealt with.

Together we can stop further spread of the virus in Lagos State and Nigeria in general.


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