In the past five months kogi state government has shown determination to prioritize the health and well being of the good people of kogi state as the globe is faced with COVID-19 pandemic
While the state has achieved success in curtailing the devastating effect the prevalence of such pandemic would have had, kogi state faces serious “misinformation and false news dissemination” crises. 

A scourge fueled by certain individuals with questionable motives.

Kogi state under the leadership of His Excellency Governor Yahaya Bello boasts of extremely impressive history of Infectious Disease Management as demonstrated in the handling of the past Lassa and Yellow Fever outbreaks in the State.

The State has an inspiring Nascent State Centre for infectious diseases with full potential, named Confluence Centre For Infectious Diseases . The facility is open for all to access without hindrance irrespective of your conditions e.g. Fever, cough, Sneezing, difficulty breathing and other symptoms associated with COVID-19. It is a Centre for Research and Treatment of Emerging and Re-emerging infectious diseases. 

We have also employed Consultants to supervise the management of patients at this center. The public is assured to receive the best of care at this center. This will help to reduce the panic and fear associated with the detection and treatment of patients suspected for Covid-19 by Health care workers. What is most astounding about the center is the decision of His Excellency, Governor Yahaya Bello to make treatment in this center free for the time being.

All well-meaning individuals can also make use of the designated toll-free telephone lines that are available in public domain to report suspected cases as well as provide credible information and even make enquiries.
Kogi state government in collaboration with US-CDC (Following the State’s ability to provide Biosafety Level-2 Cabinet at the Facility) has recently set up a new Reference Molecular Laboratory as part of the efforts to safeguard the health of the people in face of recent global health demands.

All these facilities mentioned are available to be accessed by all individuals should the need arise.
With all these steps taken thus far, it is truly clear that a government that is nonchalant about COVID-19 would have done otherwise and not take steps of this magnitude.

Kogi state government has in the last five months engaged in preventive and protective campaigns against infectious disease. Basic demonstrative steps such as distribution of facemasks and hand washing devices are being carried out on regular basis at all levels down to the grassroots especially those with underlined medical conditions who might be at an increased risk of severe illness from COVID-19 like Diabetics, Hypertensives, Asthmatics, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Patients, Cancer patients, Renal patients, Solid Organ transplant patients, those with decompensated Heart diseases, Obese individuals, those with Sickle Cell Disease, Liver disease patients, Pregnant Women etc. 

We advise against running helter-skelter to other states and heating the polity which will have more devastating impacts on our healthy and peaceful living.

We reiterate our commitment and desire to ensure all kogites go about their business while observing safety protocols with calmness and optimism of improved livelihood.

We must at this point express our sadness and grief on the loss of our father The Chief Judge of the state Justice Nasiru Ajanah. We join the family in praying that His soul rest in perfect peace. We advise against politicizing his death as that will amount to total disrespect to the dead and the family. 

We advise that we take a cue from Yobe state who recently lost the chief judge and accorded him the maximum respect by not politicizing the incident with unguarded statements. Let us respect and allow our late Father rest in perfect peace.

We as a government are aware of the panic test being carried out by people from kogi state who hurry to the FCT to conduct these tests and one would have expected lots of cases to have been reported against kogi state should COVID 19 be prevalent in the State as being peddled in some quarters. Our joy is that the reverse has been the case.

Once again there is no need to belabor the point that we are not disputing the existence of covid-19 as a global health concern, our emphasis is on the need for us all to be calm, rescue our ailing economy and apportion our meagre resources to fight more deadly killer diseases and vices.


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