The number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in the country hit 39,977 on Saturday, as the total number of confirmed fatalities was put at 856.

The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control, on Saturday, confirmed that 438 persons had tested positive, bringing the total number of infections to 39,977

According to the COVID-19 Situation Report, which was published on the NCDC website on Friday, no fewer than 73 per cent, were identified to have had “unknown exposure” to the deadly virus.

The centre also noted that two per cent of confirmed cases were infected based on their travel history, while 9,823 others (25 per cent) were infected by contacts.

Though the elderly and those with underlying medical conditions are said to be the most vulnerable demography to COVID-19, the report stated that the most affected age group among infected persons in Nigeria was 31-40 (25 per cent).


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