The National Centre for Disease Control reportage of cases in Nigeria is suspect and lack transparency. I think that this is not the time for propaganda and misinformation or disinformation. Misinformation and the poor reportage make people to be lackadaisical and not take the pandemic serious.
A very vital MISSING information on the NCDC report is Number of Patients tested. The standard world wide is as follows

Number Tested xxxxx
Number of Confirmed Cases xxxxx
Number of Active Cases xxxxx
Number of cases resolved xxxxx
Number of deaths xxxxx

If you look at the NCDC report below, you would agree with me that Number of people tested is MISSING and this is a critical piece of information.
It is frightening to know that some states that may have cases would be living in fools paradise because cases that ought to have been detected are not and such individuals will be spreading it on daily basis.

A World Health Organisation (WHO) report indicated that as of March 22, 2020, Nigeria has tested only 152 persons with a record of (40 positive which represents 26%) while South Africa tested 15,500 with about (702 cases representing 5%). Extrapolating these numbers, you would agree with me that if 15,500 patients were tested in Nigeria just like it is in South Africa, the number would conservatively be between 2-3% or 300 – 450 minimum.

This deceit need to stop. Here is calling on NCDC to be open and transparent in the interest of all and not play politics with peoples’ lives.


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