It’s of keen cognizance to intentions that we write in response to the purported information from the Principal of the institution dated 30th July, 2020 attributed to Nursing of School Ado-Ekiti, is a clear indication of impalement or better put an instance of dysfunctional managerial nous.

It is no longer news that things are not rosy in this time of global pandemic, especially as it relates to individual’s financial capacity and amidst the prehensile incessant planning by education stakeholders and students body towards reopening of schools across the nation. Apparently, just as many other Institutions involved in virtual panacea (Whatsapp and Telegram-Schooling) to this effects of global pandemic so as to patch consistency in academic programs, Nursing School Ado-Ekiti isn’t an exemption but only to arrest the channel as a fixate of an unpleasantly stern participation policy to suite the interest of the management of the institution.

Consequently upon receipt of the internal memo by the leadership of NANS Ekiti Axis, the details of this memo have been carefully analyzed by major stakeholders from within and outside the executive cabinet, all coming to unison conclusion – that the actions of the Institution portray great inconsideration, intolerance and greedy for personal interest on financial dissents and a managerial failure to formulate policy that are responsive to studentship.

Meanwhile, our Leadership is aware of the detailed memo released by the Nursing & Midwifery council of Nigeria dated 23rd December, 2019 on PROHIBITION/REVOCATION OF WEEDING EXAMINATION IN NURSING AND MIDWIFERY TRAINING INSTITUTION IN NIGERIA. To this redress, the decision of the management of Nursing School Ado-Ekiti is unacceptable and goes against every standard stipulated by Nursing & Midwifery council of Nigeria and that of fundamental human rights, morality intellectual freedom and economic consideration. It is expected that a tertiary institution, especially one of great repute in Ekiti State will hold these values in high esteem and would not be found compromising globally accepted standards of the council, intellectual freedom and fundamental rights.

Without gainsaying, the management of the institution is so callous and only cares about their personal interest and not in the interest of Nigerian students. It’s clearly clear that the management of the institution shows nonchalant attitude to the directive of the federal government and that of Nigeria centre for disease control (NCDC).

The National Association of Nigerian Students Ekiti Axis is the umbrella body of all students in the Ekiti state and as such, it is our responsibility to holistically condemn such acts, and to intervene where necessary to restore quality education to all institutions within the state and to seek withdrawal of all anti-students policies. We want to assure the Nigerian Students that our leadership will not fold arms on this particular issue until we find a considerable solution in relation to the responsibilities saddle with the Association to defend the interest of her members.

It’s on this note we demand from the institution the followings:

  1. Immediate reversal of the information to be trailed by another Notification.
  2. No examination should hold within these period as the students are not well trained and prepared for the exam because of the pandemic that causes the total shutdown of institutions in the country.
  3. Even if the examination will hold, standard notice of a month should be given to our member to prepare for such examination.

It’s our sincere hope that all our demands are treated with utmost adherence and urgency within the ultimatum of 24hours on receipt of this rejoinder. Failure to align the institution policy with our demand is a call to drastic measure and total face off.

We hope for a due consideration to our demands.

Comr. OWARAYE, Damilola

Comr. OJO, Oluwaseun P.
General Secretary

Comr. RAJI, Sobur k.
Vice Chairman


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