Some years ago, all anyone needed to live a successful life in Nigeria was to get a university degree. While this lasted, it was great. However, as it stands, that is no longer the case. A university degree in Nigeria is no longer a guarantee of a successful future. Although not many people are aware of this, those that are aware have started giving freelancing a lot of attention.

Freelancing is a great way to break free from the holds of unemployment in Nigeria. However, if you must get good value for the time you put into work, you might need to find a job abroad that allows you to work remotely from Nigeria. Contained in this article are tips to help you find a job abroad that allows you to work remotely in Nigeria.

1. Learn a Skill and Hone It

If you are looking to work remotely, there are various career paths you can choose. With this is mind, one step to take is to pick a skill, learn it, and hone it. You are at liberty to pick any skill you consider good enough. You might decide to learn a skill because it is linked to your field of study. However, regardless of what relationship such skill has to your field of study, you must be passionate about a skill before deciding to get better at it.

When you work remotely, you will not have anyone putting direct pressure on you to get done with a job. This is one reason you need to work on a skill that you are really interested in and not just a skill you think will make you a lot of money.

After choosing a skill you are really interested in, you need to become a master at it. This is one way, you can stay ahead of the overwhelming competition in the freelancing industry.

2. Come up with a Catchy Resume

In its simplest form, a resume is a summary of your CV. In it are your work experience, as well as your educational qualifications. To make it easy for whatever agency is hiring you to go through your resume easily, you have to ensure it contains only details that are important. If you are not sure you know how to develop a good resume, it is okay if you get someone tom do so for you for a fee.

3. Stay in Touch with Other Professionals

The world of freelancing is not one where isolation should exist. You might be really good and this might make you feel you can work alone. Nonetheless, always stay in touch with other people in your field. This way, you can always be in the know of what other professionals are discovering.

Since you work remotely, it might be difficult to meet people in person. So, when you come across someone you are certain you can learn a lot from, ensure you follow them closely.

4. Discipline is Key

It is one thing to get a remote job abroad and another to be able to maintain the job. The world of working remotely is a lot dependent on referrals. So, if you must get referred to other clients, you will need a good level of discipline.

Working remotely looks very cool. However, if you must be successful at it, you must learn to give a 100% even when no one is supervising you. Unlike people in defined offices, when you work remotely, you might fail to set your priorities right and this can make you lose the most important job opportunities.


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