This morning, I met with the Chairman of the Edo Post Primary Education Board, Pastor Rt. Hon. Gabriel Oiboh & the First Member, Hon. Osanyemwere Osawe who both resigned their positions over the State govt’s victimization for them to join the outgoing governor’s emergency party.

These are grassroots leaders who have contributed a lot to the progress of the State. To see them endure such persecution on the account of a man’s desperate ambition is disheartening.

I thank them for their courage and complete refusal to betray their conscience and their people. We will work with them to secure victory at the polls and usher in a fair, responsible, and humane government that will respect the rights and freedom of the people.
A government that will prioritize governance, invest in education, and unite all instead of devoting state funds to victimization and meaningless, avoidable conflicts.


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