Youths in Igabi Local Government Area of Kaduna State rescued a 10-year-old girl subjected to rape by five men, including her aunt’s husband. 

The victim, now in the custody of Hajiya Rabi Salisu of Arida Foundation of Nigeria (AFN), found herself in a circle of rape after her mother reported her to her aunt’s husband.

Hajiya Rabi, who appeared in a viral video with the minor a few days ago, said the victim’s mother, who had separated from the father, had reported the girl to her sister’s husband for refusing to hawk. 

However, the sister’s husband took advantage of the situation and introduced two of his relatives who combined to rape her.

Hajiya Rabi said, “The girl reported to her mother when she started seeing blood in her urine and the mother warned the sister’s husband to stay away from her. 

“However, since the girl continued to hawk, in the process, she met a man selling fairly-used clothes in the market, who bought her a school sandal and also began abusing her.

“Subsequently, a bakery owner also joined the queue after buying cooked rice that she was hawking. 

“At the end of the day, about five men were sexually exploiting her.”

When our correspondent contacted Hajiya Rabi, she said the girl was being treated for infectious diseases and had bruises all over her genital area.

Hajiya Rabi said four of the suspected rapists had been arrested by the police. She further said, “We don’t know where the victim’s mother is at the moment, but her father is disabled and cannot move. 

“So, he has handed her over to us to help her get justice and also enroll her in school.” She explained that, “One of the suspects is at large and we are waiting on the police to inform us of the arraignment date at the state magistrates’ court.” 

The Kaduna State police spokesman, ASP Mohammed Jalige, said the police had strong evidence against two of the suspects who had already made confessional statements. ASP Jalige said, “The other two have not confessed yet, and we are still carrying out investigation


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